About Assessment

Here are the steps in a typical assessment process:

1. Telephone Consultation
We will clarify the need for an evaluation, and whether Dr. Bernou is the appropriate evaluator.

2. Gathering Information
Clients will complete assessment forms prior to the initial meeting and provide paper/electronic copies of all previous assessments, medical and educational records, and other requested information.

3. Initial Meeting
We will clarify the history and current state of the difficulties that have prompted an evaluation, and clearly establish the questions to be answered by the evaluation.

4. Testing Sessions
An average of 3-5 testing appointments will be scheduled. For school-age children, Dr. Bernou may also schedule an observation session in the classroom setting.

4. Feedback Meeting
After testing is completed, Dr. Bernou meets with clients to present findings and recommendations. The written report, typically available 2-3 weeks after this meeting, includes a summary of academic, work, and evaluation history, along with specific test data. The reports concludes with a DSM-IV-TR diagnosis and list of recommendations.

5. Follow-Up
Dr. Bernou is available for further consultation as needed to meet with support specialists, attend IEP meetings, track client progress, provide expert testimony, etc. School-age children and their parents are encouraged to schedule an annual check-in to assess levels of functioning and determine effectiveness of intervention strategies.

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