About Dr. Bernou

Dr. Bernou is a clinical neuropsychologist who provides evaluations and consultation for children age 6 and up, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Bernou has been in private practice since 1999.

Dr. Bernou received her doctorate at Alliant University, now located in San Francisco. She completed her internship and postdoctoral training at St. Mary's Medical Center, San Francisco General Hospital, and Oakland Children's Hospital.

From 1998-2002, Dr. Bernou created and directed a mental health and learning disabilities assessment program serving 17 schools in the San Francisco Catholic school system. She has experience in a variety of settings, including residential and day treatment programs for adults and teens, school-based intervention, hospitals, and outpatient facilities serving all ages.

Dr. Bernou is passionate about using the assessment and "testing" process as more than a tool for identifying specific difficulties: it becomes part of a comprehensive effort to understand the whole person, uncover the ways in which a person's weaknesses contribute to functional difficulties, and develop support strategies that make full use of his or her strengths. Evaluation is a starting point, not an end, to the diagnostic process; her primary aim is not only to obtain a diagnosis, but to design a long-term plan for success.

Dr. Bernou's investment in the long-term growth and health of her clients often continues beyond the initial evaluation. When needed, she has served as an advocate, provided expert testimony, collaborated with therapeutic and support specialists, and more. She has consulted with many of her younger clients and their families over the course of their academic careers, offering a continuum effort to track progress and inform changes in intervention strategies.

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